Why parents will love charter schools

SNOHOMISH WASHINGTON NEWSPAPER recently published an article explaining why parents will love Public Charter Schools. 

They site reasons such as:

Charter schools offer innovative ways to deliver a public school education. Some charter schools offer the famous Montessori school program. Others use cutting-edge computer programs customized to each students strengths and weaknesses. Some charter schools specialize in science and math. Others help special needs students, like the new charter school in New Jersey for autistic children.

Charter schools are generally smaller than conventional public schools. On average, a charter school enrolls 372 students, about 22% fewer than most other public schools. This allows charter schools to provide more personal attention to students, and promotes a feeling of community and security within the school.

Many charter schools require student uniforms. Parents often like charter schools for this reason alone. They know that putting on special clothes for school puts children in the right frame of mind for study and learning.

Charter schools often have stronger disciplinary policies. Many parents are concerned that conventional public schools expect too little from students in the way of behavior and self-control.

Charter schools set high expectations for learning because they must educate students or they risk losing their charter license. Many charter schools outperform neighboring conventional schools, like Massachusetts Commonwealth charters, the Knowledge is Power Program schools in Texas, or Californias Green Dot charters. These schools have either eliminated or significantly narrowed the academic achievement gap.

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