Charter School News

Charter schools: Let every child have access

Take a minute to read Lousiana Senator Mary Landrieu’s op-ed on public charter schools.  Senator Landrieu has been a leader in the effort to bring high quality public school options to all Louisiana families.

Mississippi Charter School Board Sets Hearings

Check out the progress of our neighbors in Mississippi after they passed public charter school legislation in 2013! Mississippi is in the midst of hearing from applicants who want to open the state’s first public charter schools:–Charter-Schools-Hearings

Public Charter School Student Voices

Read about the experiences of students in public charter schools across the country.  Danny Sosa’s post about his experience at YES Prep in Houston is inspiring!

Why Charter Schools in Mississippi Are a Good Idea

The Huffington Post recently posted a great article about Public Charter Schools in Mississippi. They make some great points about how Public Charter Schools can benefit the state’s overall education footprint.  

USA Today: Charter School Experiment

The Editorial Board of USA TODAY recently published an editorial where they examined the results of Public Charter Schools. In their words, “There’s little doubt left that top-performing charters have introduced new educational models that have already achieved startling results… continue reading ›

Why parents will love charter schools

SNOHOMISH WASHINGTON NEWSPAPER recently published an article explaining why parents will love Public Charter Schools.  They site reasons such as: Charter schools offer innovative ways to deliver a public school education. Some charter schools offer the famous Montessori school program.… continue reading ›